Breeder Chain Feeding Line
Breeder Chain Feeding Line
ventilate small window
Ventilate Small Window

Ventilate window

PVC ventilate window

PVC ventilate window

Installation Width: 33cm
Installation Thickness:11cm
Installation Length:80cm 100cm The length can be customized.
With the curved shape design of PVC material extruded block flow plate, taking better ventilation effect, and ABS raw material injected side wall without deformation.

venstilate window details

ventilate window details

One group inlet air window can be opened in three different angles at the same time, with more uniform ventilation.
1. Window Body: The plastic contains anti-UV radiation raw material, aging resistance, and long service life. Air door inner adopts special insulation material, and outer sets special designed fence;
2. Plastic Pulley: Adopt patent design, rolling friction when it is opened and closed, with small resistance and easy to open and close;
3. Reset Spring: Larger diameter stainless steel spring, durable and not rust;
4. Driving Parts: Adopt hot dipped galvanized cold drawn rod to ensure start on time. The connectors adopt rigid connection, and the error is small.
5. The whole ventilate window adopts microwave welding, solid and anti-corrosion, and long service life.

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