fiber glass feeding tower
Fiberglass Feeding Tower
Broiler Disc Feeding Line
Broiler Disc Feeding Line

Nipple Drinker Line

nipple drinker line

“RT” ball valve type nipple drinker is composed of shell, rear cover, water control rod, sealing rubber ring, valve body, valve stem, and steel ball, with the characteristics of three layers stainless steel sealing, 360°all dimensional prods, and small open valve force and so on.

nipple drinker line accessories


Adopt two layers sealing structure, with more stable sealing property to avoid the water leak, and the effect on the environment humidity of chicken house because of this. The valve stem can move within 360°range in vertical and horizontal level, and meet the water drinking requirement of different rearing stages.
Rearing Ability: Broiler 8-12 PCS/Unit Caged Rearing Reserve Chicken: 12PCS/Unit Breeder: 10PCS/Unit

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