Pig Use Race Disk Feeder Line
Pig Use Race Disk Feeder Line
driving device
Driving device of broiler disk feeding line

Feeding Device and Feed Tray

feed device

feed device

Feeding Device:
Feed Pipe: 3m/Piece,4 holes/ 3 meters Diameter 45mm
Material: Galvanized Steel Pipe
6 Zinc Layers
Thickness: 250g/m2
Wall Thickness: 1.2mm

The feed tray is composed of five parts, and easily to install and disassemble.
a.The feed tray is divided into 14 gratings, with switch to adjust the feed rate
b. Adopt unique design structure, prevent feed spill tray convex platform and can make uniform distribution on the edge of the tray, be convenient for chicken. The outer edge with feeding smooth prevent chicken crop injury.
c.The bottom of feed tray could be taken off, to be used for the open food plate of chicks.

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