Automatic Poultry Feeding System,Broiler automatic feeding system

chicken plastic transportation crate
Automatic chicken-raising equipment for cascade layer feeding complete equipment

Automatic Poultry Feeding System,Broiler automatic feeding system

Broiler automatic feeding system including a driving device, a hopper, a conveying pipe, an auger, trays, suspension lifting device, an anti-perching device and a feed sensor. The main function of the system is to tansport the feed from the hopper into each feeding pan to ensure the eating of the broiler and automatically controlled by the level sensor’s direction which give the oder to motor to make it working or stop

Feeding System
Diameter of conveying pipe: φ45mm
Material: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with the zinc coating amount of more than 275g/m2
Helical spring auger from South Africa feeding capacity: 450kg/h

Material level sensor from Germany time delay range 0 to 2 hours

Hanging system of pan feeding line including winch, pulley, fastener, stainless steel wire clamp…etc

The height of feeding line can be adjusted by the winch, the height of feeding line is adjusted according to the growing of broiler

Product introduction


all functions and very low maintain cost, not only liberate labor force, but reduce the proportion of fodder and meat Greatly.


1.Grills/    14 grill


2.Colour  / Red,yellow,orange and white


3.Diameter of Plate bottom/  35cm


4.Polishing surface,not easy to get dust.


5.Best Material Firm and durable.


Advantage of the Automatic Poultry Feeding System For Broiler


1. grills feed pan with specical designed,  Moderate  quantity of the grill for chicks at different ages, that can save feed and even the brood chickens.


2. W shallow plate, 5.5 plate edge height makes brood chicken go in and out conveniently.


3. No need to open feed pan. Perch feed downfall shutter is used for brood chickens, feed downfalls to the side of W shallow plate, to make sure that even the chicken stand outside the pans, they can also eat feed conveniently.


4. It looks colourful, so that chicken can easy see the feed pan and eat the feed.


5. PP material,Firm and durable, corrosion resistance, long using life.


6.Convenient to dismantle, Easy to clean.


Diameter of the Automatic Poultry Feeding System For Broiler


Each pan can supply40-60 broiler
grills14 grill



Product picture

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